Memorial Service of Bishop
The memorial service of Bishop Ting Kuang-hsun is scheduled for Saturday, Decemb...[All]
Memorial Service of Bishop K. H. Ti
Funeral of Bishop K. H. Ting Schedu
Bishop K. H. Ting: Home to Be With
Celebration for Distribution of 60
Elder Fu Xianwei Attends Thanksgivi
Elder Fu Xianwei Visits Fujian Chur
CCC/TSPM Delegation Visits Pittsbur
Bible Ministry Exhibition Kicks off
Bible Ministry Exhibition in Germany, 2007
Bible Ministry Exhibition in USA, 2006
Bible Exhibition in Hong Kong, 2004
Heilongjiang Church Ord
Heilongjiang CC/TSPM held the 6th ordination training class Sept. 5-9 in a bid to solve the shortage ...[All]
D Announcement of the Celebration for th
D Hong Kong Bible Society Visits Liaonin
D Jiangxi Bible School Holds Spiritualit
D Hubei CC/TSPM Commemorates the 100th A
D Global South Anglican Visits Jiangsu C
D Heilongjiang Church Ordains New Pastor
My Three Favorite Bible
In my childhood, the Bible to me was too heavy and I did not know how to hold it; the Bible to me wa ...[All]
D My First Thumb-index Bible
D Mother's Bible
D My Deep Relationship With Bible
D The Old Bible And the Small Bible
D My Three Favorite Bibles
The China Christian Council and the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China ... [All]
D The Ministry of Theological Renewal
D Publication Ministry
D Theological Education and Training Minisrty
D Social Service Minisrty
D Overseas Exchange Minisrty
D The 6th Standing Committee of CCC
D The 8th Standing Committee of TSPM
D Overseas Relations Department
D Training Department
D Publication Department
D Tian Feng Editorial Department
D Social Service Department
D Research Department
Chinese Church
D Christianity in China
D Confession of Faith
D Church Order of Protestant Churches in China
D All Saints Church
D Moore Memorial Church
D Shenzhen Christian Church
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